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Cell Phones for SeniorsThe cell phone has become a ubiquitous necessity for all of us, including some of our seniors. It has become a need, a mode of communication, a modern convenience that most of us cannot do without. We have to understand, however, that our cell phone preferences vary slightly from those of our elders. We prefer smartphones that carry the latest technology to call, send text messages, take photos, surf the internet, send emails and so on.

Not our seniors. They prefer something less complicated to manipulate. Remember that they did not grow up touting a cell phone wherever they went, so some of them are still fazed with all the technology packed in a single gadget. As surveys show, only 77%of the total senior population has embraced this technology. The remaining 23% hesitate or even refuse to have cell phones due to vision or hearing problems, diseases that affect mobility or just find these gadgets a bit difficult to comprehend. (

How Invaluable is a cell phone to a senior?

?????????????????????????????????????????????The importance of a cell phone to our elders cannot be undermined. In some situations, it can spell the difference between life and death – an accidental fall, a sudden heart attack or a criminal lurking in the shadows can all threaten our loved one’s lives. Such thoughts can make both generations apprehensive. We simply feel more at ease with the knowledge that our parents have their cell phones tucked inside their pockets, so that they can call us for help and we can check on them anytime of the day.

Unfortunately, when it comes to choosing cell phones for seniors, you are faced with the same issues that thousands of people have. With so many types of handsets out in the market today, which one will suit your loved one best? Which handsets are recommended for seniors who are susceptible to the dangers of a diminishing state of health? Is there more than one to choose from? Where can caring family members or friends shop for such phones? What about free phones for seniors? Is there really a program that provides free cell phones for them?

Happy Senior Couple Using Cell Phone Isolated on a White Background.This site is dedicated to people like you who are searching for the best cell phone for seniors – they who served and nurtured you not so long ago. Isn’t it time to give them something in return? Something that can give them a chance to communicate with you and other loved ones anytime, anywhere? Something that will enable them to have fun times even in their current state of health? Something that can provide them with a means to be independent and relive those precious moments when they still had a full life ahead of them?

We would like to help you help your loved ones achieve a happier, better, more independent life by giving you honest reviews of different cell phones that have been deemed best by consumers nowadays. We have comparison tables so you can evaluate cell phone models at a glance; complete list of features; and of course, pros and cons of each handset; and some tips on what features to look for when choosing a cell phone. We have also included reviews of senior cell phone plans and free cell phones for seniors that you can use to narrow down your choices.