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Free Cell Phones For Seniors : How to find these deals

The realm of technology greatly changes the dynamics of the lifestyle of senior citizens. There are plenty of mobile phones, equipped with easily navigable and comprehensible features which can really aid these youngsters-at-heart get themselves updated with the current trends and communicate effectively according to their needs. Mobile carriers and companies have found a market for free cell phones for seniors, and the competition is stiff. Here is a rundown of free cell phones for seniors, in case you are interested.


LG Exalt

LG_Exalt: One of the free cell phones for seniors

Little by little, cell phones for seniors are addressing the major concerns associated with aging.  Among its contemporaries, LG Exalt is very promising in its pursuit of enhancing the lifestyle of older adults, improving their security and health assistance through mobile technology.

Basically, LG Exalt is a flip phone, which can do wonders other than for communication. This is one of the free cell phones for seniors and it has a 3-inch color display, with compact, clear interface. Topped with loud and clear sound, LG Exalt is one that caters to those who have blurry vision with easily readable number keys and all-in-one LED display featuring missed calls, unread messages, date and time. Volume and Voice Clarity are of utmost importance when going through the list of free cell phones for seniors, and the LG Exalt  has a Voice Clarity Mode feature which is one of its front-liners, ensuring enhanced sound quality, especially for those with hearing concerns. LG Exalt also adapts text-to-speech technology, which is very essential for easy access, hands-free communication.


Samsung JitterBug5

Another exemplary mobile phone specifically designed keeping in mind assistance for seniors is the simple and intuitive Jitterbug5. This free phone for seniors is direct and not complex. Its features are focused on meeting the desired needs of the older adults. With its network of security and healthy experts, the Jitterbug5 is equipped with speed dial capability enabling any person in distress to speak immediately in times of danger or emergency, how big or small it is. Samsung JitterBug5 also integrates a list of registered nurses and physicians, which they can contact any time of the day – all free for seniors.

Jitterbug5 comes with large color display and big buttons, which makes it more marketable for senior citizens. Their keypads are labeled clearly and the backlight feature is also available to help senior citizens to easily use their phones during the night. Its battery is also one of its main features, which need not be charged every so often to keep it going throughout the day – its standby power can even last for twenty-five days! As one of the leading free cell phones for seniors, it has a very efficient operating system, which proves to be reliable especially when used as a safety and medical warning device.

A built-in camera, large and audible sound system – Jitterbug5 is equipped with features which engages seniors to groove to different media and other forms of entertainment. They are also affiliated with GreatCall, which seniors can call to set up appointments, update their calendars and ask for help.

Snapfon Ez One



Out of all free cell phones for seniors around, this one really hits the mark. Snapfon Ez One is the most recommended one when it comes to catering the unique needs of the older adults. The phone has huge buttons and clear text on the keypad. Because of this, the phone becomes easy to use and activate. Snapfon Ez One is considered to be the top choice because of its large-print LCD and a high-end earpiece with clear and loud volume. On top of that it, it has an SOS button feature – a speed dial for emergency situations. This makes the mobile phone suitable for those who have issues with mobility.

It is also easily compatible with most plans from different carriers. However, Snapfon Ez One is not for the internet-savvy seniors, as it only supports text and voice communication.

Doro 410



Unlike the Snapfon, which deliberately keeps the seniors in mind, Doro 410 does the same thing, only that it’s a bit smaller. This sleek flip-phone makes for an excellent hand-carry phone, which you can slip in your pocket smoothly. While it appears to be just any other phone in the market, its functionality is at par with the kinds of free cell phones for seniors. Its small display can show large texts and the keypad text is larger than normal.

The device also integrates Bluetooth feature. Aside from the fact that it is easily navigable, the Doro 410 can be used to phone just about anyone, hands-free. The con? It usually works with carriers associated with AT&T. But the price for it is cheap – unless, you’d want for it to be unlocked.


Nokia C2-01.5



The Nokia C2-01.5 is one complete package, which most would appreciate for its simple layout. While it’s not designed with large keys or text display for large characters, it offers great functionality – especially with the specs of its camera, mobile data and internet capability, ensuring application use for any tech-savvy senior citizen out there.

It is a fully reliable phone, equipped with excellent reception; audible and clear sound and call quality. Mobile carriers usually provide close to free cell phone service for seniors and this one really nailed its functionality – as this free senior cell phone comes close or even better than some Smartphones around.


What is the Ideal Cell Phone for Seniors?

It is entirely up to you whether, which of the above-mentioned you feel suitable to purchase for your mom or dad. To help you further, we have prepared a comparison table so you’ll be able to weigh out which one of these free cell phones for seniors would work the best for you.


LG Exalt
Samsung Jitterbug5
Snapfon EZ One
Doro 410
$129.99 - $199.99$ 49.99 – 99.00$ 29.99 - $ 79.99$129.99
4.37 x 2.06 x 0.62 in (111 x 52 x 16 mm)3.88 oz (110g)3.86 x 2.01 x 0.77 in (98 x 51 x 19.6 mm); 3.76 oz (107 g)4 x 2 x 0.6 in; 1 pound2 x 3.9 x 0.7 in; 3.9 oz
3.0 in. screen240 x 400 pixels; 155 ppiTFT technology; 2 Megapixel camera with white balance presets, digital zoom, night mode, effectsLCD (Color TFT/TFD) with 240x320 px resolution (QVGA) 2.2” diagonal, Colors (65,536) – 16-bit; camera with 1+ megapixel resolution; volume button on the left; headphone jack (3.5mm)Large buttons, large text on screen.White color; tri-band GSM 900/1800/1900;2 in diagonal size; 176 x 220 px resolution; wallpaper backlit.Large separated buttons with easy to read color display; SOS button
Opera Mini; Bluetooth 3.0; USB mass storage deviceA-GPS; Supports HSP 1.1, HFP 1.5 version 2.1+EDR with standard micro-USB connector for charging.Bluetooth enabled.Bluetooth-enabled, HFP HSP-enabled profiles
5.5 hours with standby time of 17.9 days, capacity of 900 mAh5 hours max for talk, 600 hours max for standby modeLilon, removableMinimum Rated Talk Time: 3.5 hours; minimum rated standby time: 90.12 hrs; lithium ion.Lithium ion with capacity of 850 mAh
Feature phone with microSD, microSDHC up to 32 GB; 800, 1900 MHz CDMA, with S-GPS positioning; voice command, silent mode, vibration, speaker phoneCDMA 850/1900 mode; Rating is M4, T4 very tele-coil compatible; with 1.3 inch 128x128 px 65000 color STN LCD External DisplayVibration, voice dialing, MMS, SMS, head phone jack, speaker phoneSenior cell phone features include: speaking keypad, big buttons, enhanced volume and full color screen.Talk time 3-5 hours, standby 90-120 hours. No accidental dialing with keypad lock switchHearing Aid Compatible (M3/T3)2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 mHz - NOT compatible with Verizon or Sprint.Available with Snapfon Service: oneCall FM Radio; internal antenna; SMS, MMS; call-timer speaker phone with polyphonic ringtones and speakerphone; calculator, alarm clock; vibrating ringer


Free CELL Phones for Seniors: Must-have Features

Special features are already made available for mobile phones these days. These features cater to a multitude of categories, including free cell phones for seniors. On top of the list is security – people find it convenient knowing that assistance is just one phone call away. So, whether they encounter various challenges with luxury out of their grasp, free cell phones for seniors have become available in the market.

When thinking about buying for your mother and dad, who is over 65, you may want to take note of the following factors. When it comes to the specifics of the phone, you need to be able to remind yourself what they actually need. You have to match their interests with the capability of the phone you will be purchasing for them.


This is the top priority when it comes to buying a low-cost phone or getting them one of those free cell phones for seniors. It has to be equipped with easy access, easily navigable features which they can use to seek help whenever they need. Speed dial buttons must also be available so they can call you in times of emergency. For the more high-end ones, a GPS-integrated tracking application may be used just to ensure that your parents are safe whenever they travel outside.

Fun & Entertainment

For those who have lesser mobility, who can’t get out of their home as easily as before, it is important to help them still get updates with what is happening around them. They tendency is for them to feel lonely because they are stuck inside their room with nothing else to do. No one ever wants to get old like that! Turn a boring day into a fun one with the use of a mobile phone they can use to play games and communicate with. It is even more recommendable to purchase the internet-capable ones so they would be able to watch TV and download music of their choice. Some carriers offers simple smartphones as one of their free cell phones for seniors.


Sometimes, the older adults do not want their children to spend too much for them. It is very important to keep their minds off the trouble and find them a low-cost one, which will still serve their needs. If what matters to you most is to get the most affordable cell phone, you can check out some of them here. Mobile carriers offer free cell phones for seniors but, of course, you’d be paying for the plan, so be wise in checking all the offers and plans associated with your preferred mobile device so you wouldn’t have to problematize about additional applications or any other extra features you need to purchase for a more satisfying experience for your mom or dad.

Mobile Carrier and Plan

Upon deciding which device you would take, you also need to coordinate whether it would match the mobile carrier you plan on subscribing with. Also, take note if there are plans, which can accommodate certain features, which you deem essential for the needs of your senior. This is so they’d be able to address any issues without any additional charges. There are some companies out there offering free cell phone service for seniors, so you may want to research on that as well.

I hope you find this article helpful in your quest to find cell phones for seniors free. If you need more information, you can visit this website for more information regarding free cell phone for senior citizens.